India – An Emerging Hub Of Medical Tourism In Asia

Long promoted for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, India now occupies an enviable position on the international map as a haven for those seeking quality and affordable healthcare. The country is growing in popularity as a medical tourism hub due to its abundance of hi-tech hospitals coupled with certified and experienced healthcare professionals.

Every year, millions of people from the United States fly over to exotic locations in India for a rare blend of affordable medical treatments and exciting holidays. India has innumerable top-notch hospitals that offer world-class treatments in nearly every medical specialization like joint replacement, cardiology, pediatrics, neurology, plastic surgery, dentistry, psychiatry, organ transplants, ophthalmology, urology, and Ayurveda, to name a few.

India also has well-certified, trained, and experienced medical professionals who offer impeccable services that are at par with the best international standards. A big draw for international healthcare seekers is the very minimal waiting period as is common in US-based hospitals.

Another major selling point for medical tourism in India is the definite price advantage. India is one place where the slogan ‘First World treatment for Third World prices’ is perfectly applied. In fact, the cost differential of treatments in the US and India are poles apart. In most cases, Indian treatments incur only a tenth of the cost in the West.

For instance, an open-heart surgery that could cost up to $150,000 in the United States would cost only about $3,000 to $10,000 in the best hospitals in India. Even cosmetic surgeries, eye operations, and minor dental procedures cost three to four times more in the US when compared to Indian rates. No wonder, more and more Americans now think of India when they are faced with the issue of possibly outrageous medical costs.

India For Ayurveda, India For Dentistry

Ayurveda is one of the most holistic systems of medicine available on the planet today. Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part but the individual as a whole — making it the natural way to refresh oneself, eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body, and thus, regain resistance and good health.

Today, the state of Kerala in India is the only place where Ayurveda is practiced with absolute dedication. Kerala’s equable climate, cool monsoon months, and the abundance of forests with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants are best suited for curative and restorative Ayurveda programs. In fact Ayurveda is so much globally accepted today that the WHO has recognized it as an alternative system of medicine.

Dental treatment can be enormously expensive in the US — almost 10 times more than the costs in India. In recent years, the number of Americans traveling to India for dental treatments has doubled. The reason for this sudden boom is that these international healthcare seekers are now starting to discover the numerous benefits that Indian dentists have to offer.

Affordability is another defining reason behind the popularity of Indian dental treatments. For instance, while a root canal would cost about $3000 in the US, it costs only about $100 to $200 in India. That means the total cost of medical tourism — airfares, hotel charges, local excursion rates plus the required dental work — will cost less than what it would cost in the US for the dental work alone.

Leisure tourism in India is already in high demand as the country features amazingly varied attractions like high mountains, mist-clad hill stations, historical monuments, scenic beaches, wildlife parks, pilgrim centers, and much more. Known for her warm hospitality to tourists, India is now opening its doors to welcome health service seekers and medical patients.


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