What I Learned From 2,000 Obituaries | Lux Narayan

What I Learned From 2,000 Obituaries | Lux Narayan

Have you ever wondered what obituaries can teach you? Lux Narayan seems to understand this question quite well. A fascinating study of many interesting and insightful death notices which may very well teach you something about the human spirit and our capacity for knowledge. In death, we may very well begin to understand life in all its aspects: cultural, psycological, achievements, and–overall–how well we are remembered. How do our abilities, recalled in a short paragraph summing up our death, bring about change to those we leave behind? In watching “What I learned from 2,000 obituaries”, you will find yourself writing your own in your head, tallying up your life’s triumphs to share to the world at large once you are gone. And chances, are, if you’ve lived a fruitful life, a challenging life (one worthy of an outstanding obituary), you will even see the humor in the fact that even in death, we can still laugh at our past faults and errors and become somewhat glorified through a New York Times Obituary.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Researching the past helps point to future trends.
  • 2Most people make their greatest achievements in mid-life. Be patient.
  • 3If more people lived their lives trying to be famous in death the world would be a better place.

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