Lumosity – Exercises For The Brain

There is nobody who would not like to be smarter. But, most of us accept what our genetics gave us and what we managed to get through education and do the best we can with it. We have always been told that our brain does not change any more after our childhood. But, it seems that in the last decade scientists are accepting that they were wrong. Intensive research shows that we can beef up our brains just like we do our muscles – with appropriate exercise. Are you ready to go the brain gym? Fortunately, you do not have to leave your armchair for that, just turn on your computer and fire up your Lumosity.

The science behind the brain training

Researchers have found out in the last few decades that the original notion that brain stops changing after the critical development period in childhood was wrong. This is due to the neuroplasticity, the ability of the nervous system to physiologically change due to the changes in environment, neural processes or behavior. Since the changes keep happening throughout the entire life of a person, the brain keeps changing too.

Brain is able to fundamentally reformat and reorganize itself if and when confronted with new challenges. For example, if one part of the brain gets injured, other parts try to take over the function of the damaged part. Scientists know that it happens naturally, after severe damage such as caused by a stroke, and there is a huge amount of research ongoing to find out how to help this process with appropriate changes. But, the idea to induce such changes in healthy people is fairly new.

What is Lumosity promising?

Lumosity is the latest easy, web-based training program for brain that promises to improve brain health and performance, enhance memory and improve creativity and attention. The software offers an easily personalized training to exercise your main cognitive functions: problem solving, memory, attention, flexibility and speed. The software checks your progress and you can see your results and monitor your improvements.

Training exercises are designed in the form of computer games, so there is no surprise that they are attractive to both children and adults. After all, according to the Dr. Diana Oblinger, by the time we are 17, most of us spent more than 10,000 hours playing video games.

Does it work? The scientific base – the principle of neuroplasticity ” “ is well proven. The program is fun, and it is certainly better playing it than one of other popular computer games that involve advanced weapons and vampires. And if you do not want to pay $15 for the privilege, you can ask your teacher to join The Lumosity Education Access Program. If someone in your family suffers from cognitive or learning problems, your doctor or therapist can take advantage of the Luminosity Clinical Access Research & Engagement program.


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