Medical Tourism In the USA

The concept of medical tourism may sound new but it actually dates back to thousands of years in the past. Today, healthcare has become a major reason for traveling across the globe. Yes, you can seek medical care in any other country besides yours.

Medical tourism has become popular, mainly because of two reasons – money and time. So if your local hospital does not have dates for a specialized surgery like joint replacement, you can go to another country to get it done. Also, in case your insurance does not offer compensation for let’s say, psychiatric treatment, you can travel overseas to seek medical treatment.

Medical Tourism In The U.S.

People from many other countries come to the U.S. to get treated for ailments demanding the use of advanced technology. Medical expertise and competent physicians have made medical tourism a popular industry in America. Also, the recent dip in the value of the U.S. dollar has made medical treatment affordable in the US.

However, it is also true that many people including US citizens also go overseas for medical care. Let us look at a few reasons that tempt people especially Americans to opt for other countries for healthcare.

Employer Friendly Healthcare Outside The U.S.

Many employers in the U.S. offer the option of global healthcare or medical tourism to their employees. This ensures good medical care and treatment for the employees while at the same time, the decent price suits the employer. This way, both the boss and the workers are content.

Awareness About Foreign Hospitals

Owing to the internet and the media, more and more Americans are becoming aware about overseas medical facilities and medical tourism trends. Blogs that talk about patient satisfaction lure people to countries that provide inexpensive but quality healthcare.

Opportunity To Make An Informed Choice

Infrastructural and ethical issues are dealt by organizations like Joint Commission International (JCI). Such organizations provide accreditation to hospitals outside their country. So now, the American patient is assured of safety in a foreign country too.

US Hospitals Collaboration With Foreign Hospitals

US patients seeking medical tourism get all the support needed in an offshore hospital because of the collaboration such hospitals have with the US hospitals. This develops trust and confidence in patients when they are in a foreign country.

Adequate Follow Up Back Home

There’s more good news. You don’t have to worry about what happens when you get back home as all the medical care units abroad hand over medical papers of their patients from the US to medical practitioners in the US.

Medical Travel Assistance

There are many companies that assist US patients to travel abroad. Right from deciding the country to arranging for their travel and lodging, everything is taken care of by these companies. Their expertise in the field of global healthcare has enabled many US citizens to travel overseas for medical treatment.

Insurance Companies Teaming Up With Foreign Healthcare Units

Today, many insurance companies look forward to collaborating with healthcare facilities abroad to treat their clients. They do this to avoid legal hassles for US citizens abroad. Earlier, in case of medical negligence, nothing much could be done as the patients in the foreign country had to go according to the legal system of that country. Not anymore! And it’s all thanks to the medical tourism assistance services and insurance companies’ collaboration with overseas hospitals.


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Tamar Gvazava
4. August 2009
Tamar Gvazava
4. August 2009
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