Menopause and Exercise

There are numerous health benefits to exercising and leading an active lifestyles. A great deal of research has been completed related to the effects that exercise has on menopausal symptoms. Because there are many factors at play, it is difficult to prove that physical activity alone can have a direct effect on these symptoms. Even in studies where it has been found that the two are in fact related, it cannot be concluded which one causes the other: are women with menopausal symptoms just exercising less because of them? Even so, exercise has consistently been found to improve quality of life and mood in menopausal women. Research also suggests that there are many other health benefits for people who regularly exercise, especially in regards to heart and bone health.

Key Points:

  • 1While menopause symptoms are different for every woman, hot flashes are the most commonly reported.
  • 2Whether or not exercise has a positive effect on menopause symptoms is an area of much research.
  • 3While exercise may have a positive impact on many menopausal symptoms, it may actually have a negative impact on hot flashes.

Research more clearly supports the beneficial effect of exercise for menopausal women related to quality of life and mood. In addition, research is very supportive of the benefits of regular exercise for both heart and bone health.

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