Natural Home Remedies

Natural Home Remedies

It would be awesome to have a medical professional on hand 24/7 to cure stomach aches, massage away tired muscles or treat ailments swiftly and at home. You can do it yourself without having to run to the doctor every time a little ache comes your way. Put these natural home remedies in your refrigerator, kitchen cupboard or bathroom cabinet for effective and inexpensive remedies.  

Common Ailments

  • Ate something that gave you a stomach ache? Try frozen ginger chips.   Soak fresh ginger in hot water. Strain the liquid from the ginger and freeze the concoction preferably in ice cube trays. When needed, crust the cubes and suck on them throughout the day.   You can purchase ginger in your grocery store”s produce department.  

Purchase ginger capsules from your health food or herbal store. Take with a small glass of milk. Ginger ale soda is also awesome for curing what ails your stomach. You can also try ginger tea for a natural home treatment.

  • Hiccups can be settled by swallowing one to two teaspoons of sugar. Dry sugar granules stimulate and reset the nerve causing spasms in your diaphragm. You can also use granulated salt, but that might taste awful.  

Try a teaspoonful of vinegar. The taste alone will cure your hiccups. Eat peanut butter. The process of swallowing peanut butter interrupts your breathing patterns. Hiccups are gone!

You might want to breathe slowly and deeply into a paper bag. This increases the carbon dioxide in the blood and helps the diaphragm contract.

Chew on dill seeds. Slowly chomp on the seeds and swallow them. The seeds stimulate the vagus nerve and the hiccups stop.

  • Have a sore throat? Don”t run to the drugstore; gargle twice a day with a solution of pressed garlic cloves (six) in a glass of warm water. Do this for three days. Fresh garlic juice has antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria that cause pain. The warm water soothes inflamed tissues.   Do note that garlic can cause horrible breath.  
  • Nasty little cough plaguing you? Try a square of dark chocolate. Chocolate has a theobroine compound that is much more effective than codeine at conquering persistent coughs.   Wonderful taste and no side effects of constipation and drowsiness.  

You can also take 2 teaspoons of honey in addition to 500 mg of Ester C about 30 minutes before bedtime. The vitamin C helps you immune system in the early stages of a cold. Honey works great as a cough suppressant, but don”t give to children under one.

  • Burns from cooking or hair curling can be painful. To cool those burns apply aloe vera gel to the burn. The anti-inflammatory properties in aloe vera gel create a barrier to protect skin from air.   You can also use juice form the aloe vera plant directly on the burn. Just cut a leaf, squeeze, and apply. Having an aloe vera plant in your home makes a ” “green”  statement.  
  • Over indulge in eating and have flatulence? Two enteric-coated peppermint capsules three times a day will kill the bacteria causing bloating. Your gastrointestinal muscles will relax and digestion will be spasm free. Peppermint works in the lower gastrointestinal tract to stop gas and bloating.  

You can also try using an empty medicinal capsule (found in health food stores) and fill it with turmeric. Take a capsule with a glass of cool water and find gas relief.

Drink 1 teaspoon of baking soda to six ounces of water. A remedy used long ago and still effective today.

  • The dreaded cold will never be cured, so scientists tell us. You can do something about it, however, with home remedies. Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a cup. Drop the lemon shell into the cup along with the juice. Add boiling water and a teaspoon of raw, organic honey. Organic raw honey is an immunity booster that coats sore throat tissues. Breathe deeply of the warm  mixture. Sip a cupful two or three time a day. If you want to add extra comfort, add a shot of brandy.      
  • If you have a hard time getting to sleep, tray eating a handful of cherries. These little fruits are packed with melatonin which is the hormone in your body that regulates sleep patterns. Immerse yourself in a hot bath to relax your muscles and listen to soothing music.  Try meditation, but don”t sink under the water. Last, lay your head on a lavender filled pillow.  
  • Friends and family saying you look tired? Relieve tired and puffy eyes with a quick and easy home remedy.   Seep a bag full of black tea in hot water. This activates the astringent tannin that deflates and tightens bags under the eyes. Cool, place the tea bags on your closed eyes for about ten minutes, take off, open your eyes and feel refreshed and bag-less.  
  • Dry skin is prevalent in the winter heated or summer cooled offices and homes. If you have dry and itchy skin, try using oatmeal. The avenanthramides in oats are compounds that calm itchy and inflamed ski. Put whole oats in a sock (clean and dry). Seal the end and drop the sock into a warm bath. Soak for up to twenty minutes. Use a home-created moisturizer after your bath.  

Recipe for home moisturizer includes:

  • 1/23 cup coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon liquid vitamin E (health food stores)
  • 5-7 drops lavender essential oil (health food stores)

Mix together until it is a creamy mixture and lavish on your body.

How awesome to use health food products and your own kitchen stores to keep you and your family healthy. Natural and green products reduce the need for expensive medicinal preparation that often causes dangerous side effects.


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