All You Need to Know About Chikungunya

Mumbai is showing an increase of patients suffering from the symptoms of Chikungunya- a virus spread to humans from mosquitos. Reportedly, about twenty people have died from the virus in the capitol. The virus causes sudden high fever and joint pain and stiffness. Other symptoms can be headache, nausea and other complication. The virus seems to mimic the flu. Although not common, more serious complications of Chikungunya may lead to death in elderly and very young people. Chikungunya is spread by the same mosquitos that spread Zika and dengue, so the viruses are sometimes easily confused. Ways to prevent and treat Chikungunya is to avoid mosquitos, eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated, eliminate mosquito ‘breeding grounds’ and take fever reducers. There is currently no vaccine available.

Key Points:

  • 1There has been a spurt in the number of patients in Mumbai who have shown Chikungunya symptoms.
  • 2Chikungunya is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes.
  • 3Since there is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat Chikungunya virus, the only way is to treat the symptoms.

After being infected with the Chikungunya virus, there are some distinct symptoms that are manifested. These happen around three to seven days after being bitten by the infected mosquito.

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