5 Common Sexual Health Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

In an ideal world, we’d all be talking about sexual health problems in the same nonchalant way as we discuss what to have for dinner. But until we reach that stage in evolution, it’s up to us to steer clear of the stigma and myths associated with sexual health.

HBW UpLevel Love

HBW Uplevel the LOVE in your life

HBW with Lindsay Chandler!

HBW with Lindsay Chandler!

Meet beautiful Lindsay Chandler! Her skin was a hot mess, for years and years. Until she figured it out….

3 HEALTH & WEALTH Hacks for Life & Business

3 HEALTH & WEALTH Hacks for Life & Business


Health (+ Financial) Risks Of Having A Messy Home

It turns out that Mom was right: It won’t kill you to do your chores. But did you realize that not doing your chores could kill you? It’s not quite as dramatic as that, but a dirty house will not support optimal wellness.

Living With Myasthenia Gravis – MG

Why You Should Consider Participating In Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are among the most important tools at our disposal for improving our medical knowledge and caring for patients. These trials are only performed when doctors are unsure if a particular approach is safe to use and need information that cannot be revealed in the laboratory or with animal testing. However, few people want […]

Common Food Items Capable Of Producing False Positive Drug Results

It is a shocking fact that some food items, drinks, and over-the-counter medicines that you may be consuming regularly can bring about positive results if you appear for a drug test. It can be irrespective of the fact that you have never been a substance user.

Don’t Let The Pandemic Rob You Of Your Smile

When it comes to the coronavirus, there hasn’t been much to smile about. But there is more to life than a capricious virus. There is love and friends and school and career and hope and hobbies and The Mandalorian and… You get the idea. Did you hear that Tom Brady is in yet another Super […]

Preventative Dental Care Is A Key To Good Health

Dental care is taken as a given for children under the age of eighteen, but it is less common for adults to undertake regular preventative care for their teeth after they leave their childhood home.