Learn More About Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are x-rays done to help determine the state of an individual’s oral hygiene. It is used to determine how good a person’s oral hygiene is. It is also used to diagnose dental defects and determine how to treat them.    It is essential to know that as human beings, our dental health affects our […]

Building Positive And Healthy Habits As A College Student

One of the most stressful chapters in life is the one spent as a college student. There is so much happening during this period that feeling overwhelmed is common and can lead to creating lasting habits that are maybe not so great. However, with the trend of lifting this stigma on the steady incline college […]

What Are Teeth Made Of?

The tooth is the hardest substance found in the human body. They are located in the mouth and aid in food crushing and digestion. The teeth support speech functions and add beauty to the human body too. A healthy tooth is one that is strong, white, and has no breaks or holes.

6 Common Oral Conditions And What To Do About Them

Healthy oral hygiene begins with having appropriate dental care conducts, regular cleaning of teeth, and being aware of your habits. Such conduct may help in preventing oral conditions in the long run.

How To Boost Your Focus: Five Simple Solutions To Try Today

There are various reasons why people find they are unable to focus as much as they once could. But whatever the reason, there are several simple solutions you can try to boost your concentration. Here are five that work the best.

Informed Consent In Clinical Research

Many people might perceive informed consent as a simple signature, although it goes beyond that. While it involves getting verbal or written consent from a research participant, there are other factors involved. Perhaps you have a clinical trial coming up and wish to understand the informed consent process. In that case, you may read on […]

Jaw Pain: Causes And Treatment

The mouth is an important part of the body because we use it to eat and to communicate every day. Every part of it; the teeth, the tongue, and the jaw play an important role in ensuring that your speech is audible and understandable to whomever you might be speaking to. Now, imagine you cannot […]

Bad Breath: Symptoms And Causes

Bad breath is medically called halitosis, and it can be humiliating. This is why, at the pharmacy or supermarket, racks are often filled with mouthwashes, mints, flavored gum, and different items that could minimize bad breath for a while.  As a result of how embarrassing it could be, it springs up low-self esteem and a […]

5 Tips To Taking Charge Of Your Health

Politics, the pandemic, petroleum shortages…Let’s face it, these are things we have very little control over.  Sometimes it feels like life is constantly throwing curveballs at us and it can seem like we’re always dodging just to get by. This can leave us feeling frustrated and helpless.

What Is A Gut Biome?

The human body contains trillions of microbes, viruses, and fungi. Most of these microorganisms exist in the gut and have an effect on a person’s health.