What Is Primary Care In The Health System

Healthcare is among the many pillars that contribute to a person’s excellent well-being. Despite the fundamentality of promoting healthcare, it’s disappointing to know that half of the entire globe doesn’t have access to essential healthcare services.

How To Stay Healthy While You Travel

Traveling is a way for us to explore the world. Whether we go near or far, we are always given the ability to see through new eyes when we step foot outside our normal comfort zone. Getting out there to travel looks a little different these days, however. Given the current state of the world, […]

How Long Does Hand Sanitizer Kill Germs?

Why Choose UBACare Pharmacy Services

Getting your prescriptions filled can be hard, especially in times like these where getting out of the house is not only difficult, but potentially dangerous to at risk populations. It can be costly to hire someone to pick up your prescriptions for you and many home delivery fees are through the roof as well. It […]

Light Therapy Can Help Many Health Issues

Things To Do To Avoid Always Being On Your Phone During The Lockdown

When the lockdown started, you felt excited. You didn’t have to go to work or even socialize with other people. You could spend a lot of time at home. However, as months went by, you realized that you were running out of things to do. You had no choice but to keep using your phone […]

Are You Suffering From Leisure Sickness?

Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

5 Easy Ways To Find A Good Doctor

Anyone can find themselves needing to find a new doctor. Perhaps you moved to a new area or your former doctor moved away or no longer takes your insurance. Perhaps he or she retired. There may have been some kind of problem that left you not wanting to return to a doctor’s care. Whatever the […]

What Is The Role Of Plastic Surgery In Global Health?

The global burden of surgical disease is substantially growing. Conditions that are treated using reconstructive and plastic procedures makes a huge portion of the global surgical disease. Unfortunately, these diseases affect those in the lower level of the economic spectrum.