What To Look For In A Self-Propelled Wheelchair: A Quick Buyer’s Guide

Self-propelled wheelchairs look very different to traditional wheelchairs that are pushed by another person (these are called attendant-propelled wheelchairs). They have large rear wheels with push rims so that the occupant can reach back and grasp the wheel. By pushing the wheel forward using the strength in their arms, the occupant can propel the wheelchair […]


HBW 1 Secret To Heal ALL Your Symptoms

You can reach ALL of your health goals. I believe it’s completely possible, because I’ve seen women heal their symptoms…

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HBW Menopausal Weight Gain & Fatigue

5 Steps to Vibrant Energy & A Sexier Feeling Body. It’s a fact…post-menopause your metabolism slows down. Here’s what this looks…

Quit Sugar Now!

HBW with Tricia Nelson – Quit Sugar Now!

Today I have the beautiful, and courageous Tricia Nelson on as my guest! She’s going to help us QUIT…

Before, During, After: A Guide To Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Have you been dealing with unexplainable toothaches?  If so, then you might require a tooth extraction. But, before that, you must take into consideration certain factors that could influence the smooth flow of the said procedure, such as preparations, operation costs, the operation itself, and instructions after tooth removal.

5 Health Tests And Examinations Every Child Should Get

Children need regular checkups and well-child examinations as they grow up. In every doctor visit, parents can have a chance to talk to their kids’ pediatrician to get answers for any questions they may have regarding pediatric overall health. You can also discuss any health or developmental issues that you may have concerning your little […]

Turning 30? Here Are Some Better Ways To Take Care Of Yourself

Whoever claimed that there was something unpleasant, unsettling, or disheartening about making the transition from your twenties to your thirties was, in all likelihood, many years away from turning 30. Why do we say that? Because your third decade features all the best moments – from finally feeling settled on your chosen career path, to […]

How To Balance Women’s Hormones – 6 Tips

Mood swings, heavy or painful periods, low libido, insomnia, weight gain, skin problems, headaches, weak bones – they all point to a hormonal imbalance in your system. 

Easy Tips To Live Healthier And Happier In College

The typical college experience of all-nighters and ramen diets get old fast, even if they are a comfortable reality for many. Between all your exams, homework, studying and trying to maintain a social life, it can be tough to prioritize exercise, nutrition and good self-care. As a result, depression, anxiety, insomnia and burnout are all […]

How Will The New HIPAA Privacy Rule Affect The HIPAA Law? Find Out All The Details Here!

Patient health information should be private and secure to protect information from being leaked or told to other people. However, there have been recent pushes for a change in the privacy rule to allow for greater access to patient information and coordinated treatment plans across various entities. Let’s see how this change can affect the […]