The Painful, Debilitating, Long-Term Effects of Lyme Disease

Many people suffer from Lyme disease, and some of the most famous cases come from celebrities like Shania Twain and Jimmy Walker. Chronic Lyme disease can cause many different symptoms, depending on how the person reacts to it.Typically Lyme disease is contracted by receiving a bite from a tick. A tick is a small insect that likes to suck on blood of its victims. There can be headaches, muscle and joint pain, problems with remembering things, irritability, and many more. Treating Lyme disease has been a challenge for many doctors and physicians, because it is often difficult to diagnose, and because of the fact that no person typically will react the same. There are different antibiotics that can be used to try and find and kill what remains of Lyme disease might be in the body, but it can be a hit and miss. However, many people with the symptoms of Lyme disease who take antibiotics over a period of time do seem to get better eventually. However, a way to treat Lyme disease has still not been discovered. There are many people who, when tested for Lyme disease the results come back negative, still could have contracted a virus or illness from tick bites.

Key Points:

  • 1Lyme disease can create chronic and debilitating disease in those infected, even when they’ve been treated with antibiotics and the Lyme bacteria is no longer apparent.
  • 2These symptoms, which can sometimes be vague, include brain fog, trouble sleeping, joint and muscle pain, and extreme fatigue and headaches.
  • 3For these chronic Lyme sufferers, they ask: how to treat it? Antibiotics have not been shown to have long-term benefits. A solution is still eluding researchers.

Researchers are still trying to figure out exactly how and why Lyme disease affects people in different ways and how best to treat them.

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