Painful Sex is Common For Women of All Ages, Study Says

Painful Sex is Common For Women of All Ages, Study Says

An in-depth overview of the condition “dyspareunia,” otherwise known as “painful sex.” The author discusses a study that surveyed 6,669 sexually active women, and found that the most frequent reports of painful sex stems from women aged 55-64, but is also prevalent in young women ranging in ages from 16 to 24. The author explores possible explanations behind dyspareunia such as underlying medical conditions, anxiety, or not being aroused enough before engaging in sex. As a whole, the article provides insight into potential factors attributing to painful sex, discusses lack of funding towards sexual funding in the medical field, and also reassures the reader that the condition is more common than one might think, and that painful sex is not necessarily an indicator of a relationship in distress.

Key Points:

  • 1For women of all ages, painful sex is not only more common than you think — it’s also extremely distressing.
  • 2Researchers found that the age group most likely to experience painful sex were women ranging from 55 to 64, but it was also common in women between the ages of 16 and 24.
  • 3But for anyone who experiences painful sex even if they are totally comfortable and enthusiastic, it is crucial to visit a doctor.

Mitchell says anyone who feels pain during sex to seek a medical professional in case there is an underlying physical cause for the sensation.

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