Quick Tips for More Happy in your Holiday

Quick Tips for More Happy in your Holiday

How can I manage all the food?

-Fill your plate with just a few bites of everything.  That way you won”t over eat but you will get to sample everything.

-Fill up on veggies and dip or fruit with yogurt dip and cut back on the cookies and sweets.

-Forgive yourself if you overindulge, this season will end and you will be back to your healthy eating habits soon.

-If you are at a party focus on the people, music and decorations and less on the food choices.

How can I get everything done?

-For those pitch in dinners let your grocery store provide a wonderful salad, desert or cheese platter.  They look and taste great and no work for you.

-Pick a theme for your gifts this year and buy the same for everyone: board games, music, kitchen gadgets, shower and bath products, or food baskets.

-Online shopping with delivery right to your door, what could be easier?

-Need a last minute gift.  Don”t forget you can re-gift something you have received but never used.  Or start a gift box fill it with candles and picture frames that you pick up through out the year for such a time as this.

Is there time for exercise?

-At the mall and need a few gifts.  First make a lap around the mall just for a little exercise and window shopping.

-After that big family meal, bundle up head outside for a walking trip around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights.

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