Sauna as Regeneration After Training?

The power of a nice hot soak, in or out of water, is not a new invention. The tradition of enjoying a sauna stretches back across human history. Adherents have long lauded its regenerative properties, pointing to how regular sauna soakers enjoy a generally better well being and overall health aspect. But to gain the benefits of the sauna, it has to be used correctly to avoid damaging yourself.

Soaking in hot water was popularized in Europe after travelers from Asia carried the practice back with them. From Europe, the act went south to Greece and Egypt, and became something the Romans famously incorporated into their culture. The practice evolved from simply being a soak in hot water into sometimes being exposed to hot steam, and then simply to heat without high humidity or overt water.

Muscle pain and body stiffness can be relieved by exposure to heat. The nerves are stimulated by heat as well, which can improve strength and coordination. The relaxation promoted by the soothing heat can boost the mood, which leads to a more effective immune system.

When using a sauna, remember to stay hydrated. Allowing the heat to sap the water from your body is dangerous, and long periods of dehydration while exposed to heat can cause physical damage. And sauna sessions should be limited to fifteen minutes.

Key Points:

  • 1A sauna is application of high levels of heat; it doesn’t matter if it’s a wet or dry heat.
  • 2The heat can help loosen and relax muscles, either before or after a workout; and promotes good recovery.
  • 3Saunas can also encourage relaxation, which leads to better general health, and a more vigorous immune system.

The beneficial effect of saunas has been known for a long time. It’s an important part of biological regeneration. Sauna can have a positive effect on our health, well-being and promote better regeneration.

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