This Scientist Makes Ears Out of Apples | Andrew Pelling

This Scientist Makes Ears Out of Apples | Andrew Pelling

TED Fellow and biohacker Andrew Pelling makes ears out of apples and loves to dumpster dive for electronics which he can take to his workshop and hack. He loves CD ROM drives as they have 3 motors, a laser and on and off switches. For Andrew garbage gives him amusement and he loves to play with the things he finds to create new things from. He leads a University based biological research lab where curiosity and exploration are valued above all. It’s an open place for artists and scientists to come together to collaborate on unconventional ideas.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Dumpster diving for electronics. Has fetish for Cdrom drives because they have individual components, motors, switches and lasers. Building cool stuff from garbage.
  • 2Leads biological research lab at university. A place where people can come ask fascinating questions and find fascinating answers. A place people can go to foster unconventional ideas.
  • 3Repair, replace and augment body parts with simple ingredients found in a kitchen. Experiment shows an apple replaced with human cells to create a human ear replacement. Human cells infused in pieces of fruit.

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