Self-Defense: Your Body Your Business

Just as you can’t leave your health up to your doctor or a hospital you can’t leave your self-defense up to law enforcement.  As crimes rates are going up all over the U.S., it may be time to review some very basic self-defense tips.

  • Be aware of your surroundings all the time.  For example when coming out of the grocery store don’t be examining your receipt or searching for your keys.  Do have your head up, scan the parking lot, figure out where everyone is and what they are up to, have your keys ready to put into your vehicle.
  • Carry your cell phone with you at all times.  If you feel particularly threatened or are in a not so nice area go ahead and punch 91 and keep your finger hovering over the #1 button on your phone.
  • Bad guys (and gals) are everywhere and they don’t all look like creepers.  If someone is hassling you or getting in your space tell them to step back and give you some room.  People up to no harm will respect your boundaries.
  • Be vocal in public situations if you need to.  If you are in a store and are getting unwanted attention turn up the volume and let that person know that you want them to move away from you.  Let as many people as possible hear your complaint.  The other people nearby will be focusing extra attention on the person bothering you.
  • You are not responsible for misinterpreting someone else’s intent.  If it makes you feel uncomfortable your first responsibility is to protect your person.  Your body and your health depend on that.
  • If you jog or walk your dog around your neighborhood you may want to consider carrying pepper spray along with your cell phone.  Pepper spray can protect you from both humans and animals.
  • Running away is the best way to defend yourself.  There is no shame from eliminating yourself from the equation.  If you can break free of someone who is attempting to do something to you against your will, run as fast and as far as you can.  Get to a public place and get help but first run away.  Escape should always be your goal.
  • Give yourself permission to fight.  Get over the fact that you may have to hurt someone else in order to keep your freedom and your person from being harmed.  You may want to take a self defense course or learn a martial art to better prepare in case you have to fight.  But your body contains weapons, if your arms are free use them, if your legs are free use them, and believe me you can sacrifice your fingernails.
  • If you are dating someone you don’t know very well.  Meet them at the restaurant or movie.  Get to know them a little better before you give them your address or invite them to your home.

Just as you attempt to make the best food and exercise choices for your body you should also practice good self defense.  You are your own body guard in the realm of health and in the world of self defense.


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