Smoking and the Opposite Sex

Smoking and the Opposite Sex

Smoking is not only a health problem but it is also a socially relevant issue.

For example take how men view women who smoke. There are men who instantly get turned off whenever they see a beautiful women smoking. Contrary to some popular belief, men do not really find women smokers sexy. Men know that a woman smoker’s kisses will taste bad.

In fact, studies show that smoking can really cause bad breath. It can even trigger gum problems like gum discoloration and tooth loss.

Moreover, smoking also lessens the skin’s elasticity, thereby, resulting in the accumulation of lines and wrinkles. This, in turn, is such an unsightly appearance in a woman’s skin. Thus, men don’t just get turned off because of women smoking per se but due to the fact that a woman’s appearance does change because of smoking.

On the other hand, men get the same dose of rejection whenever somebody sees them smoking.

Before, people tend to think that smoking brings out the machismo in a man. But with all the bad effects smoking can give, that assumption has gone the way of buggy whips!

It’s no longer the battle between who looks brawny or not. It’s now the battle between who smells good, looks good, and tastes good. After all, who would dare kiss a man whose mouth tastes like burnt papers, right?

After all, smoking does not even contribute anything for their “machismo.” In reality, it even loses them some of it, if not all.

Studies were conducted about the direct effect of smoking on men’s erectile dysfunction. The results of the study revealed that smoking certainly heightens the perils of erectile dysfunction by approximately 50%. This is applicable to men in their 30s and 40s and represents a huge percentage of men in the U.S.

On the other hand, there had been continuous studies on teenagers about their social behavior and how smoking affects a greater part of it.

In the 2001-2002 study, the group researchers had found out that teenage smoking had considerably dropped by 5% compared to the last survey results in 1996 and 1997. The group tried to find what triggered these teenagers to cut down their cigarette consumption. They found two reasons: an increase price in tobacco and less exposure to smoking advertisements.

Moreover, the researchers tried to disseminate campaigns with slogans like “Is this what your kiss tastes like?” which was used before by the World No-Tobacco Day celebration in the 90s. It simply emphasized the effects of smoking to the view of the opposite sex to those who smoke.

A series of interviews proved that teenagers are now aware of how smoking actually deglamorizes their appearance, their whole being and personality to the opposite sex.

Conversely, the main reason why teenagers decided to quit smoking is based on their fear of not being accepted by the opposite sex. This goes to show that they value physical attraction and fear of rejection more than health. These are greatly reflected on the answers of some teenagers who asserted that they would rather date someone who does not smoke than somebody who smokes and smells really bad.

All of these things boil down to the fact that when teenagers become aware about the effects of smoking on their health as well as on their physical appearance, they tend to quit smoking or not try smoking at all. It’s just a matter of awareness.

Then again, it could be well noted that advertisements really do have an impact on smoking habits. That is, if people are less exposed to cigarette advertisements; there could be a considerable decline in the number of smokers.

Indeed, smoking can really deglamorize one’s personality, and so, it’s just about time to stop smoking and think about how it really makes you stink to the opposite sex. Just think about it.


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