Spring Clean and Get Your Exercise

Housecleaning is something that all of us have to do, whether we like it or not. Physical activity is something we should do, whether we like it or not. This spring why not turn your housecleaning into your exercise program? Doing regular household chores, such as washing the dishes or vacuuming does burn some calories and is certainly a lot healthier for you than sitting in front of the television. But in order for you to really get the most your of your house cleaning activity, you need to bump up your efforts and do some heavy duty cleaning and spring is just the time to do that. Clean out those closets. That’s right move everything out, this is will strengthen those muscles just like lifting weights. Move the furniture and vacuum under everything. Clean the windows inside and out. This is great for your shoulders and arms. Dust those base boards. Get down on your hands and knees or better yet duck walk around the perimeter of your room while you dust those base boards and feel the burn in your thighs. When is the last time you wiped down your walls? Dust collects on your walls too. So get a step stool and get to wiping down your walls. You may be surprised that your paint isn’t fading it is just getting covered up in dust.

Clean your window coverings. Vacuum or damp wipe your blinds and take your curtains down for a good washing, press and rehang. (Dry clean when necessary).

Polish that stainless steel sink. Get some polish, rub it on and wipe it off you will be surprised at the renewed shine and your arms will look more toned.

If you are pulling out the lawn furniture it will need a thorough cleaning before you start to use it. I have found that foaming bathroom spray works great on my lawn chairs kills mildew and makes them fresh looking.

And if you are really feeling adventurous clean the garage. Take everything out. Sweep off walls, sweep the floor, organize your stuff and then you can move it all back in. That will burn some serious calories.

Keep in mind that all this cleaning not only is making your home beautiful, your home healthier, but is also getting your body in better shape. So clean like you mean it and reap the health rewards.


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Jason Pyktel
8. April 2016
Jason Pyktel
8. April 2016
So how cold must a shower be to benefit?


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