Time Management And Health: 5 Ways Students Can Stay Healthy And Cope With Their Home Assignments

In the modern world, if you comprehend time management you understand this life. Time management is very important, we learn this from school years and continue to improve this skill throughout life. However, in his student years, the complexity of time management reaches its zenith. You need not only to study but also to manage finances, work and hang out (believe me, I know how important it is). Many students simply can not cope with all of the above at the same time. In this case, you can get online assignment help on GPALabs at least. But even so, you still cannot keep up with everything you need. In such cases, students often choose the option of not sleeping and this is unhealthy. Is it possible to learn to do homework and not cause harm to health? Yes, and we will tell you how.

  1. Define your Priorities

In order to effectively invest your time and energy, you need to learn how to distribute the load and shift attention from one sphere to another in accordance with which one is more important and relevant for you. The Wheel of Life Balance will help prioritize.

To create your own Wheel, take a list of the most common areas of life. These can be friends, work, creativity, hobbies, health, travel, family and children, self-development, and so on. Choose from this list eight areas that are most important for you, in which you want to succeed and achieve success.

Now analyze your Wheel of Life Balance, evaluate the situation in each area. Focus on inner feelings: how satisfied are you with the situation in this area? Would you like to improve it? The less you are satisfied with the development of a particular sphere, the more attention it requires.


  1. Try to Keep a Journal

If you write down all the affairs in increasing order – from trifles to the most important ones – you will make them several times faster, since you will remember all the responsibilities. In this case, you will have time for family, friends, and trips to your country house. If the work is superimposed on studies and in between active activities you cram abstract notes, organize interesting dates. In this case, you may find the site with events in your city useful. A small journey to a new exhibition or film premiere, an interesting lecture, a simple shopping trip for new clothes can refresh the relationship. Surprise your soulmate every day – and the balance between personal life and work will be successfully observed.


  1. Ask for Help

Surely you have less busy friends who will help you willingly. Not only that, if someone offers their faithful shoulder – do not refuse, this can greatly simplify the situation.


  1. Limit Internet Use

Of course, it is logical that during full load it is worth restricting the use of social networks and less likely to answer the phone. Set a clear framework when you can use your smartphone to its full potential. For example, it can be a way home on public transport or lunchtime.


  1. Avoid Time Grabbers

There are some of the most common types of time grabbers:

  • Disruptive events (phone calls, visits, emails, or messages to the messenger that need to be answered urgently). To cope with them will help, firstly, training the will, and secondly, the precise organization of work. Accustom yourself not to be distracted by random stimuli, continue to solve the current problem. Turn off the sound on the phone, do not check mail, put the icon “I’m busy” on the table.
  • A waste of time (in line, at a meeting where you are required to attend on duty). Try to arrange to be invited only to the part of the meeting where you really need to. Take your laptop with you to the public places to work while waiting for your turn.
  • Pastime and talking. In order not to waste working time communicating with colleagues, friends, or in social networks, allocate special time for this during the day.


What if there is still not enough time for meetings with friends and trips to parents?


Invite your friends to visit. You can spend time with your loved one and with your friends, which will allow you to maintain friendly ties and save several hours on a trip to your parents. The latter is worth starting to plan ahead – so you do not come across an unpleasant surprise in the form of the absence of parents at home. It is worth taking a few days to such an important meeting. And if you can visit relatives with your soulmate – it will be wonderful.



If you master the time management, then you can and have time to complete homework and relax. The most important thing is to divide the day correctly and prioritize things. Starting to apply the secrets of time management in practice, you will find that 24 hours a day is enough for everything: to work, to relax, to solve current domestic problems, and to move towards achieving your global life goals step by step.



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