Top Reasons Why You Should See A Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopaths are doctors who blend natural forms of medicine with modern scientific knowledge and technology. They utilize century-old treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy, and nutrition alongside cutting edge modern treatments like NAD+ IV therapy, Ozone Therapy, PRP Injections, and IV Hydration Therapy. Most naturopathic doctors (ND) undergo a four-year medical course in accredited universities.  

Unlike conventional medicine, naturopathy is holistic and addresses the physical, environmental, emotional, and lifestyle aspects of a patient. It is also largely preventive, looking to thwart the onset of disease rather than treat it once it happens. Over the years, naturopathy has become mainstream, and more doctors are training to be naturopaths. At the same time, patients have become more discerning, taking a more significant role in their healthcare and looking for more holistic solutions.

If you are thinking of naturopathy but have not taken the first step, here are top reasons why you should see a naturopathic doctor:


Naturopaths Address the Root Source of Your Ailment

When you visit a naturopath, they will be interested in treating not only what ails you but getting to the root cause to prevent a recurrence. Say, for instance, you have high blood pressure. Conventional medicine may offer you drugs to lower the pressure. A naturopath will dig into your health history, lifestyle, nutrition, and even mental state to figure out what is causing your high blood pressure.  

You may be consuming a diet with too much salt or are under immense pressure at work. It might be genetic, or you likely need to incorporate more exercise into your routine. Either way, while a naturopath will give you an immediate solution to the problem, they will also suggest various things you can do to treat the root cause of your ailment.  


Adequate Consultations

Think of the last time you visited your GP and how long the consultation lasted. Statistics suggest that most US physicians spend between 13 and 28 minutes with a patient, with about one in four spending less than 12 minutes. It is safe to say that due to the digitization of medicine, doctors are spending less time on processes that would usually take longer. But what about actual time spent with a patient? Studies show that the longer a doctor spends with a patient, the better the outcome. One of the most significant advantages of naturopathic medicine is that the ND can spend between one and two hours with one patient. A longer consultation allows them ample time to figure out the root cause of your symptoms and design a recovery plan. It also enables you to ask questions, helping you understand your health and your role in taking care of it. Similarly, a naturopath will take this time to explain the diagnosis and walk you through different treatment plans and their expected outcomes. This not only makes you comfortable but empowers you to be proactive in your health.


As a Complement to Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine does not hold all the answers when it comes to health. This is particularly so when it treats the symptoms, leaving the underlying cause untouched. Naturopathy can rectify this as it looks at each patient holistically. It also comes in handy in helping patients deal with the side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy.  

Some chronic conditions such as Lyme disease present with symptoms like fatigue, joint aches, brain fog, and fever. The root cause of these symptoms might be difficult to pinpoint and easy to misdiagnose. Treatments such as hydration therapy, high dose vitamin C, and ozone therapy can address these issues by boosting energy and strengthening the immune system.  


Personalized Treatment

When you visit a naturopath, he/she will not immediately give you the treatment they gave to another person just because your symptoms are similar. They will also not hurriedly decide on the course of treatment based on face value. A naturopath will listen to you, ask you questions, and conduct tests if necessary, before coming up with a treatment plan. This also increases the chances of arriving at the correct diagnosis. Personalized service means that you will get a treatment plan that aligns with your goals, health, and lifestyle.


It Saves You Money

One of the foundations of naturopathic medicine is prevention rather than cure. This means that naturopathy can help prevent the onset of chronic illnesses that are otherwise expensive to treat and manage. Managing chronic illness is not only expensive at an individual level, but also burdens entire healthcare systems. A consultation with a naturopath couple with strategic lifestyle adjustments may not cost that much but will save you a lot in the long run by boosting your overall health and wellness.


To Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be debilitating. Conventional medicine offers a solution in pharmaceutical drugs such as opioid painkillers, but these come with a high cost of accidental overdoses and addiction. Naturopathic medicine offers alternative treatments that are safe and effective. These include personalized pain management plans based on an individual’s symptoms and underlying causes. Examples include treatments like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections that ease chronic back and joint pain, physical rehabilitation, and diet changes. There might not be one solution to chronic pain, and your ND will come up with a combination of therapies that work the best.




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