Waterworks: drink lots of water for good health and fitness

Beautiful water! It fills you up, has no calories, and is essential to your health —it makes you look great too, plumping out your skin and helping your eyes to sparkle.

It’s important to drink your water, even if you never seem to become thirsty. If you wait until you’re thirsty to drink, you may already be dehydrated, and this has an effect on all the systems of your body. Drink a glass of water before each meal, to cut your appetite, and between meals too — you’ll find that you stave off hunger. In addition, take a bottle of water with you wherever you go, because every system in your body depends on water for its health. Water will help you to lose weight, because it has no calories. Water flushes toxins from your system, and gives you beautiful skin. In addition, drinking water before, during and after exercise sessions helps you to stay hydrated and alert. Drinking water can also reduce the chances that you’ll get diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Fereydoon Batamanghelidj, M.D. at https://www.watercure.com/ believes that drinking water is vital to good health:

“… at the molecular level that it is water that regulates all functions of the body including functions of solid matter. 75 per cent of our bodies are composed of water. The brain is 85 per cent water. It is water that energizes and activates the solid matter. If you don’t take enough water, some functions of the body will suffer. Dehydration produces system disturbances. When I use the word water cure, I am referring to curing dehydration with water.”

Water tips:

1. Drink at least five to eight glasses of water a day. If you’re on a protein-rich diet like Atkins, you should drink even more water, because protein breakdown requires water — if you eat a hamburger, the protein breakdown just from that can lead to dehydration.

2. Try drinking water before each meal; this helps you to feel satisfied with less food.

3. Make sure that when you exercise, you take along your bottle of water.

4. Think water’s boring? Try dropping a slice of lemon or lime into your glass. Or, drop in a sprig of mint, or a slice of fresh ginger.

Drinking your water when the weather’s cooler

It can be hard to drink all those glasses of water when both the weather and the water are cold. So warm your water. Take a thermos of water with a couple of slices of lemon, lime, or orange to work with you. Or microwave a glass of water every couple of hours if you have access to a microwave. You can also drink your fluid as hot soup, preferably a light broth or consommé, unless the soup is a main meal.

Form a water habit: set up reminders

It will take a few weeks for you to develop the habit of drinking water regularly, so for three weeks set up daily “drink water” reminders for yourself.


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