What Can A Retainer Do For You

What Can A Retainer Do For You

You might want perfectly-aligned teeth so you can flash your “pearly whites” in public without worry. Retainers can help provide that award-winning smile. But, it can do more than to help straighten teeth.


What are Retainers?


Retainers are orthodontic tools to help maintain proper teeth alignment. You might see other people wearing retainers after sporting braces. After the individual achieves the desired teeth alignment, the orthodontist may opt to replace the braces with retainers.

Wearing retainers may take months or years before the teeth achieve the desired alignment permanently. It’s because the gums and jawbone may need a long period before it adjusts to the new position. Using retainers will help prevent the teeth from being misaligned until the gums and jawbone adjusts to the new position.

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What are the Different Types of Retainers?


Retainers come in different types, and your orthodontist might issue you with a specific kind to help your teeth, gums, and jawbone adjust properly. Albeit there are now different retainer categories available, you may classify them into two major groups:

  • Permanent

Like its name suggests, permanent retainers bond with the teeth, and only orthodontists may remove it correctly and safely. Also called fixed retainers, these orthodontic tools might help people correct speech impediments aside from assisting the teeth in aligning to the desired position.

  • Removable

Removable retainers might be more common than their permanent counterparts. Many individuals opt to use removable options because of their simplicity. These orthodontic tools may also be easier to clean as you can remove the device and wash it by hand.

Wearing your retainer requires you to take proper care of the tool to lessen the risks of potential adverse effects. Remember to brush and floss regularly, and remove any debris that might get stuck in the retainers to keep its cleanliness and integrity.


The Benefits of Wearing Retainers


People with speech impediments or crooked teeth might need retainers after wearing braces for a period. Wearing these orthodontic tools help promote several benefits to their users, and these advantages may include:


Keep that Beautiful Smile

It might be safe to say that all smiles are beautiful. However, you might want to undergo cos