What Your Bad Breath Could Be Telling You

If you are experiencing bad breath, your first line of offense is to brush your teeth. Good oral hygiene almost always will get rid of bad breath. But your bad breath may indicate a bigger health problem.

If you have bad breath that doesn’t go away with frequent brushing and flossing you may be experiencing digestive problems. Heartburn, indigestion or gas can cause bad breath. The color of your tongue can help determine what is causing your bad breath.

Check out your tongue in the mirror:

If your tongue is “whitish” you may have an infection or virus.

If your tongue is “yellowish” you could be experiencing liver or gallbladder problems.

If your tongue is “grayish-green” you could be experiencing a stomach or intestinal disorder.

A healthy tongue is a pink color.

If you have ever experienced strep throat or taken care of someone diagnosed with a strep throat infection you know that their breath is terrible and bad breath is a sign of a strep infection.

So before you keep popping breath mints, take a few minutes to see if that bad breath is telling you something is wrong somewhere else in your body. If your tongue is “off color” a trip to the doctor may be needed.


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