Why We Should Learn to Embrace Failure | Elizabeth Day

Why We Should Learn to Embrace Failure | Elizabeth Day

No one gets through life without trouble. These times of troubles define us even more so than our triumphs, so we should view them as opportunities. Divorce, job loss, miscarriage are all things we don’t want to experience and yet most of us will be impacted by some significant setbacks as we age.

Little children don’t learn to walk without falling down. You didn’t learn to ride your bike without a few mishaps. With trouble and failure comes great learning. And this learning can make us into beautiful people full of grace empathy for others.

We grow through experience the good and the bad. We grow stronger through every experience we survive and hopefully we grow wiser. Learning from failure will propel you to success. Most successful people have a history of failure before they succeeded.

Is failure defined as the things in life not turning out as you planned? However, the unexpected times the changing nature of things adds surprise and texture to our lives.

Key Points:

  • 1Learning to adapt to your changing and challenging circumstances is essential in life.
  • 2Surviving failure builds confidence.
  • 3Even in times of great trial you can find things to be grateful for.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the biggest, most transformative moments of my life came through crisis or failure.

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