Why Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Important To Keep You Healthy

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Important To Keep You Healthy

Every healthy tooth is a gift to help you chew your food properly. However, keeping a wisdom tooth can be a bad oral health decision because it may contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, orofacial pain, and occlusal problems. 

Extracting your wisdom teeth early on can prevent oral health complications, improving your quality of life. Learn the other benefits of having your wisdom tooth extracted by continuing to read below.


Avoid Pericoronitis


Pericoronitis refers to the inflammation and infection of the soft tissues that surround the crown of a partially erupted wisdom tooth. It includes inflammation of the dental follicle and the gums. If a piece of food gets trapped into the gum flap, it should be rinsed away immediately using an antiseptic mouth rinse or warm saltwater. 

Infection occurs if food and bacteria are trapped in the gum flap. And in only a couple of weeks, your dental health will be compromised if pericoronitis is left untreated. You have to see a dentist immediately if you feel pain on the wisdom tooth site and notice gum swelling. The wisdom teeth removal in Sydney dentist will remove the tissue flap or completely remove your wisdom tooth.

Here are the signs and symptoms of pericoronitis:

  • Swollen and painful soft tissue surrounding in the wisdom, which makes biting down difficult to do
  • A bad taste or foul mouth smell
  • Pus discharge (a sign of infection) from the gum tissues near or surrounding the tooth
  • Serious symptoms include swelling of the submandibular nodes or swelling of lymph nodes located under your chin, obvious swelling of the face, and jaw muscle spasms.


Avoid Ludwig’s Angina


Ludwig’s angina involves infection of the floor of the mouth. After a tooth abscess, bacterial infection usually occurs in which pus collects in the middle part of the tooth. This oral infection is common in adults, most especially those still with wisdom teeth. 

Don’t delay getting dental treatment for pericoronitis because the infection can easily spread from the mouth to your neck and head and may also cause