Why Yoga Can Improve Students’ Performance In University

Students battling to cope with the stress of university often find it beneficial to take up the practice of yoga. Taking part in yoga can help students to feel relaxed and calm instead of tired and stressed.  

They may feel that they don’t have the time to fit yoga into their already crammed program but the benefits to their academic performance due to improved focus and memory make it worthwhile. It can also give them more ability to manage their emotions.


Increase Concentration

Various studies show that yoga can improve their cognitive performance, memory and attention span. It seems to have a positive effect on key areas of the brain that process information and are responsible for memory.

Researchers have found that  Hatha yoga, which includes physical movements, breathing exercises and meditation, appears to be most beneficial and to have similar benefits to the brain as aerobic exercise.

The combination of movement, breathing and meditation were found to be more effective for brain health than one of the components on its own. In the studies, the participants saw results after practicing yoga for 10 weeks once or twice a week. All students need to do is fit in a session of yoga once or twice a week.


Manage Emotions

Anxiety is commonly suffered by university students and yoga can help to reduce this anxiety by helping them to connect with their inner selves.

It makes them more aware of their own bodies, their breathing, their thoughts and their emotions. They can identify the type of thoughts they need to watch out for and take control of their anxiety. Just learning how to breathe properly can help them to control their anxiety.

Being able to manage their stress and anxiety results in less tension and more of a feeling of being in control. This, in turn, has an effect on their studies as they can approach them with a sense of calm instead of worrying or feeling overwhelmed.


Coursework Help for Students

Students studying at university in the UK may feel stressed when faced with the enormous amount of coursework they need to do. The demands of writing assignments can be overwhelming. To give them time to fit some yoga into their daily routine, they can buy coursework online in the UK from Writix. They can choose a professional writer versed in their subject matter to write for them so they can submit work within the required timeframe.

Students may feel they just don’t have enough time to fit in yoga on top of everything else but when they do yoga, they often find that it gives them more ability to manage their time because they are not as stressed.


Develop Self-Esteem

Yoga can also help students to develop a greater sense of self-esteem because they feel more mastery over their circumstances. When they acquire the discipline of doing yoga, it gives them a sense of accomplishment and this positivity carries through to their studies.

With the right mindset, they can accomplish far more. Rather than dreading having to study yoga and meditation for students gives them the tools they need to approach their studies with the right attitude.

They know how to discipline and pace themselves so they don’t suffer burnout from trying to burn the candle at both ends. Planning calmly and sensibly helps them to conquer their anxieties and helps them to achieve better academically.


Improve Physical Health

Spending hours sitting behind a computer without moving is bad for anyone’s health. Yoga can help to ease all the physical aches and pains that come with having to sit and study for hours. It loosens the muscles and the connective tissue around the joints, which eases any pain.

Yoga increases blood circulation, stretching all the muscles and getting fresh air into the lungs. The heart needs enough oxygen to pump blood through the body and the brain needs good blood flow for it to function properly.

Yoga can also  improve sleep patterns  and getting enough sleep is crucial for students to perform at their best. Those who practice yoga find significant improvements in their overall health and vitality.



To fit yoga into their weekly routine may seem impossible for students but it is definitely worth their while. It offers them the tools they need to develop more emotional control, increased self-esteem, improved cognitive performance and better physical health. Their concentration and ability to memorize improves and they will feel better because they have a way to get any stress and anxiety under control.



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