Your Gut Affects More Than Just Digestion: Understanding Gut Health

Your Gut Affects More Than Just Digestion: Understanding Gut Health

It used to be thought that your gut and digestion was all very simple.  After further studying this has been proven to not be true. Your gut health has a big impact on your overall health.  Good gut health can impact your immune system, heart health, brain health, improve your mood, healthy sleep, effective digestion, and may prevent some cancer types or autoimmune disease.  If you have an unhealthy gut it can affect your life completely not just make your belly upset. There are a few things to look for that will tell you if you have an unhealthy gut or not.  

What does it mean for your gut to be unhealthy? 


This usually means that there is an unbalance in the bacteria that is in your intestines.  Your gut is healthy when there is equilibrium between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria.  The good bacteria in your stomach helps break down the food and get nutrients to the body. Bad bacteria is the kind that can make you sick.  The good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria in check by not allowing there to be enough room for the bad bacteria to grow.  


Signs & Symptoms Something Isn’t Right


One sign of an unhealthy gut is an upset stomach.  An upset stomach can include gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or heartburn.  All of these are signs that you are having issues digesting your food.

Another way you can cause yourself to have an unhealthy gut is by eating a high sugar diet.  A high sugar diet or a diet with lots of processed foods in it can actually decrease the amount of good bacteria in your gut. This type of diet as well can cause inflammation which can lead to other issues not just gut issues. 

If you all of a sudden start gaining or losing weight without changing your diet or exercise routine this may be because of an unhealthy gut. This change in weight can be because you body isn’t absorbing the nutrients it needs the way it should.  Or if you are gaining weight it could mean you have insulin resistance.

Another side effect of an unhealthy gut is it could cause sleep issues. Whether it be constant fatigue, or insomnia. This is caused because serotonin a chemical your body makes in the gut, is needed for a restful sleep.  If there is no production or low production of serotonin your body won’t make enough to give you a good restful night of sleep.

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