An Alzheimer’s Drug Fails, but Many Others Still in Testing

Living with Alzheimer’s or having a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is a terrifying ordeal that know one should have to suffer through. It takes a toll on everyone involved and can leave you asking the dreaded question of why. There have been many medical studies over Alzheimer’s and while some drugs have failed to show signs of improvement or a positive reaction, there is still hope. There are drugs that are still in testing that may have the answer to the terrible diagnoses of Alzheimer’s. Keep your hopes up, because there is still a possibility that you or a loved one can have access to medication that affect Alzheimer’s in a positive way. With more and more people getting diagnosed, there could be help on the way that has already been developed.

Key Points:

  • 1Another Alzthimers drug failed to help.
  • 2Even early use of the drug may not help, we may need to use it before people show any signs.
  • 3They are working on seeing if other things besides drugs can help prevent Alzthimers.

Solanezumab was tested in people with mild dementia after two previous trials showed it did not help those further along, with moderate Alzheimer’s. Many doctors think even the mild stage is too late to try to reverse neurological damage.

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