Alzheimer’s Study Links Triad of Brain Areas with Cognition

Thomas Yeo, Assistant Professor at the NUS Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the MGH Laboratory for Computational Neuroimaging, used machine learning algorithms to analyze complex brain imaging data from 379 participants.   188 had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  147 were showing signs of cognitive impairment.  And 43 who had no symptoms but were at high risk for Alzheimer’s.  They were attempting to show by mathematical analysis what particular brain regions were linked to function and memory.  The findings suggest that distinct patters of brain atrophy can be linked to specific cognitive abilities.  Those suffering from Alzheimer’s show atrophy in three brain areas: the cortical, subcortical, and temporal.

Key Points

  • 1Atrophy in cortical, subcortical or temporal brain areas linked to Alzheimer's.
  • 2Analyzing brain mechanics of a neurological disorder links brain structure to specific cognitive abilities.
  • 3Future research will help us explore clinical symptoms and gray matter volume patterns in other disorders like Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia, and autism.


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