Canines for Dementia

Canines for Dementia

 Many of us would be lost without our pets.  We need them as much as they need us. Dogs have been used to help the blind, help returning vets suffering from PTSD, assist law enforcement and now are helping those with dementia.

The Dementia Dog Project matches trained dogs to those suffering with dementia to help them manage daily tasks and keep them safe.

Dogs are trained to help those suffering with dementia to:

Maintain sleep / wake routine

Remind them to take medication

Keep them active

Provide companionship

Provide reassurance in unfamiliar situations

Many companies are attempting to help those with dementia via technology but if you have a family member who is particularly fond of animals this may be a better fit.  It will be interesting to track the progress of this program and see if it is expanded.

Key Points:

  • 1The Dementia Dog Project is a charity in Scotland that was founded in 2012 and seeks to pair trained dogs with people who have dementia.
  • 2The organization currently has two canine siblings seeking a home. Labradors Webb and Willow have completed two years of training with the help of prison inmates who are preparing for their life outside.
  • 3The kind of people we are looking to register interest for these dogs would ideally be a couple who are still living at home, where one person may have recently received a diagnosis of dementia.

The charity “aims to prove that dogs can help people with dementia maintain their waking, sleeping and eating routine, remind them to take medication, improve confidence, keep them active and engaged with their local community, as well as providing a constant companion who will reassure them when facing new and unfamiliar situations.”

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