Changes in the Eye Connected to a Decline in Memory

Changes in the Eye Connected to a Decline in Memory

Scientists have found a new link between the changes in blood vessels in the eye and people’s ability to recall memories as well as their overall language skills. This was a study that was performed over a prolonged, 20 year period and was recently published in the scientific journal, Neurology. These scientists employed the help of many subjects, all around the age of 60. During the duration of the study, these subjects were subjected to memory and language ability tests three times during the 20-year span. The test subjects performed these tests so that scientists could learn patterns in decline of memory recollection and thinking skills. In parallel, the scientists also used a special technique to measure the participants’ blood vessels in their retinas. Using both sets of informations, scientists made conclusions based on over 9,000 participants test scores and blood vessel change information. The overall conclusion was that greater changes in blood vessel health resulted in greater loss of memory and reduced cognitive and language skills. While this test is useful in potentially detecting declines in cognitive function and brain health, it does not necessarily serve as tool to diagnose serious diseases in the older population such as dementia. More studies will need to be performed to further the reach of this study’s potential benefits.

Key Points:

  • 1The retina is closely related to brain tissue.
  • 2Examining the blood vessels in the retina give us insight into the condition of the brain.
  • 3Severe changes in the eye were associated with increased memory loss.

There is a desperate need for better ways to diagnose the diseases that cause dementia so that people can get access to support, treatments and opportunities to take part in research.

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