Research in the UK is an encouraging step towards helping the public understand dementia risk and take preventative measures. Dementia charities in the UK have found that 75% of people would make changes in their lifestyles in order to decrease their risk of dementia later in life. A pilot study in England has developed a program on deliverable advice to adults age 40-64 regarding how to reduce their risk of dementia development.

This was on the heels of recent research indicating that dementia risk could be greatly reduced based on modification of nine major risk factors. Some charities are now urging for dementia risk reduction education to become part of mandatory health checks for middle aged adults. Middle adults are the target population because it appears that they have the greatest ability to modify risk factors and reduce their risk of dementia development later in life.

Research indicates that a lot of people think that dementia development is inevitable and cannot be managed. But findings indicate that simple lifestyle modifications such as not smoking or exercising regularly can make a great difference. Thus it is imperative to educate the public about minor steps they can take to reduce their risk later in life. It can make a big difference for public health in general and for individuals as well.

Key Points:

  • 1For the first time ever, a single approach to deliver advice to 40-64-year-olds on how to reduce dementia risk via local health professionals has been developed through a pilot study in England.
  • 2The findings reflect the increasing public appetite to understand modifiable dementia risks and the benefits of including this information as part of existing programs to help people manage their he
  • 3Focussing on the message ‘what’s good for your heart is good for your brain’, the advice delivered through the health check included highlighting the benefits of stopping smoking, being physically act

There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK, and this figure is set to rise to one million within the next few years.


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