Dementia Healthcare Must Adapt to Tackle Global Dementia Crisis

Dementia is a healthcare crisis on the rise. Millions of people with dementia do not have access to necessary treatments. Millions more have yet to be diagnosed, and the condition is thought to be on the rise. Traditionally, medical specialists handle the care of dementia patients. Medical specialists are an impediment to progress, however, due to cost and rising demand for services. “Care pathways” are a potential solution, as they organize case management, provide efficient care, and are centered on individual patients. These care pathways are currently used in the care and treatment of other chronic conditions. The best therapies for dementia focus on quality of life and cost efficiency. Within the next 15 years, the number of dementia cases is expected to at least triple.

Key Points:

  • 1A new study done by researchers at King’s College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science reports that most people with dementia have not be diagnosed yet.
  • 2Dementia effects 47 million people worldwide. That number will triple by 2050. Currently, only half of people in high income countries and only 10% in low income countries have been diagnosed.
  • 3The study calls for more healthcare options to be created for primary care services to increase awareness and determine diagnosis.

Dementia affects 47 million people worldwide and this number will treble by 2050. Currently, only around half of those in high income countries, and one in ten or less in low and middle income countries have received a diagnosis. Expanding coverage of services for increasing numbers of people with dementia can only be achieved — and a crisis averted — by boosting capacity, and the efficiency with which care is delivered.

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