Findings Support Role of Vascular Disease in Development of Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists created a study that took place over 25 years ago that associated higher levels of brain amyloid late in life that contributed to multiple risk factors in the vascular system. These vascular risks have been seen to be a contributor, or a symptom, to dementia late in life as well. However, the scientists who created the study did not know if there were direct correlations between these vascular risks and dementia. During the study, the scientists observed people without dementia and recorded their risks in their vascular system. Then, 25 years later, the participants had PET(positron emission tomography) scans to determine their levels of brain amyloid. They organized these results into models that included their vascular risk along with filters including sex, race ,and education. The scientists that conducted the study concluded that the vascular risks were associated with higher levels of brain amyloid. However, the data was not conclusive enough to say that there was a correlation between the two definitively. However, the later in life the person is, they did not have any extra brain amyloid associated with their risk factors. This study concluded that any vascular risks that one person might have contributes to the deposition of brain amyloid.

Key Points:

  • 1There is additional research the supports that certain lifestyles, such as vascular risk factors, contribute to later health problems, such as dementia.
  • 2These findings did not differ much by age or race which makes anyone susceptible.
  • 3Knowing this information, we can all take healthier steps to prevent or delay any additional health problems later in life.

Midlife vascular risk factors have been associated with late-life dementia. Whether these risk factors directly contribute to brain amyloid deposition is less well understood.

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