Good News! The Rate of Dementia is Falling Among U.S. Seniors

Good News! The Rate of Dementia is Falling Among U.S. Seniors

Mention of the word “dementia” can be a scary though for both seniors and for the people who take care of them. It is a condition that only serves to frustrate those who come into contact with it. There is, however, some good news according to U.S. researchers. According to the research group, the rate of dementia among seniors has fallen. Over a 12 year span, 21,000 adults were sampled and results of the survey saw a decrease of approximately 3 percent in adults who were diagnosed with dementia. Although there is still much left to study and analyze, this trend has shown that as adults grow older, they need stimulation to retain key cognitive abilities in order to try to combat this disease. This can occur in both the home and senior care facilities with the right programs in place.

Key Points:

  • 1If you are over 65, you will find it nice to know that less older people are getting dementia.
  • 2The old saying about the brain, you may lose it if you dont use it still the case though.
  • 3There are still a lot of tasks that can be done when you are older to help memory and the brain

Though there is a record number of adults over the age of 65 in the U.S., the rate of seniors with dementia is falling significantly.

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