Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that occurs when your brain cells begin to die. It is unknown as to what causes the disease to manifest in an individual. What is known however is that the brain cells do indeed die and the brain shrinks. As the brain shrinks memory begins to decay. The disease is common especially in the elderly but there is no proper way to diagnose the disease currently. A more recent research study shows that Alzheimer’s disease and chronic inflammation of the brain may be closely related. Short term inflammation is due to having an infection however long term inflammation on the other hand could result in brain damage. Inflammation is supposed to get rid of the waste but evidence suggest that when Alzheimer’s happens there is a build up of waste and proteins that cut off neural pathways. However, it does not stop at the brain. Other recent studies suggest that there is a possibility it deals with our heart and circulatory system. Some studies suggest that due to mini-strokes and poor blood circulation leads to Alzheimer’s. It is currently unknown as to what causes this terrible disease but we do now have evidence that suggest that it could be a various amount of things.

Key Points:

  • 1Alzheimer’s occurs when neural cells begin to lose function, causing mental declines and even personality shifts.
  • 2Two protein types, amyloid and tau, are thought to be responsible for the brain cell problems that result in Alzheimer’s.
  • 3Difficulties in accurately tracking protein buildups that cause the neural cell failures have led to difficulties in diagnosing Alzheimer’s.

One of the difficulties of diagnosing Alzheimer’s is that we’ve no reliable and accurate way of measuring this protein build-up during the early stages of the disease.


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