How My Dad’s Dementia Changed My Idea of Death (and Life) | Beth Malone

How My Dad’s Dementia Changed My Idea of Death (and Life) | Beth Malone

One person had their whole idea of death change because of their father’s dementia. The lady who experienced this was a woman. Her dad had some serious mental issues and the whole family went through a lot. He had to be moved out of the house he built with his own hands. He was put in a regular nursing home at first, but that did not work out. Her dad was arrested while he was there and it was a shock to his family. He did things like threw plants out of the window and pulled old women out of their wheelchairs. They found a treatment center with people that struggled with dementia. It was a very depressing thing for his daughter and she cried very hard at what she saw her father going through. His daughter had the wish to get him out of his misery, which was his body. Her father’s death was talked about a lot. The daughter wished they talked about death more when they were alive. Many people struggle with death because they want their loved ones to be safe and they hold on. The struggle with death is something that changes all of us at our core.

Key Points:

  • 1One person has faced difficulties since their dad received dementia. It changed how she looked at both life and death overall.
  • 2Watch a short clip that details the person’s experience with that disorder. Dementia can challenge the lives of people all across the world as well.
  • 3Much research has gone in to understanding dementia on the whole. It helps to take a personal perspective on dementia from a reliable person.


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