Living Near a Busy Road May Increase Dementia Risk, Study Reports

Living Near a Busy Road May Increase Dementia Risk, Study Reports

Between the years of 2001-2012, a study was done in Ontario, on a sample size of the population from ages 20-85 years on the prevalence of dementia for those living close to a busy road. The results showed that living near a busy road might increase one’s risk for dementia. It seemed that the risk for dementia increased, the closer one lived to the road. They also studied living near a busy road and the possibility of getting Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s- they could not find a linked connection. This study shows how important it is for our societies to decrease noise pollution (and of course, overall pollution.) It is possible that other factors could play into this finding (i.e someone’s socioeconomic status, overall body mass index, education, etc.) It is an interesting study for examining the possible effects that that living near a busy road could have on adults.

Key Points:

  • 1Previous studies said living close to major roads negatively affect cognition, but it’s not known about the link to dementia, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis
  • 2A team studied adults between 20 and 85 for 11 years, nearly all who lived within one kilometer of a busy road. They identified 243,611 cases of dementia; 31,577 cases of Parkinson’s disease and 9,247 cases of multiple sclerosis.
  • 3The team found no association between living near a road and having Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis. However, they did find the incidence of dementia rose, the closer people lived to busy roads.

Our study suggests that busy roads could be a source of environmental stressors that could give rise to the onset of dementia.

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