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Helping Individuals with Dementia Maintain Brain Health

Diseases that fall under the dementia umbrella, like Alzheimer’s, can breed despair – for both caregivers and those affected by the disease. So what hope do we have for individuals suffering from some form of dementia? What can we do or give them that can impact their quality of life in a meaningful way?

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Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Offer Treatments for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are more understood than they used to be, which means that there are a lot more treatments and care options than even thirty years ago. However, memory loss and the diagnosing process can still be devastating for the patient and his or her family, and some people prefer more natural remedies. But […]

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Dementia—Catching the Memory Thief

The article speaks about how it is World Alzheimer’s Day and what advances have been made in the fight against the disease. In short, the article does underscore that no cure has been found and in fact, the disease is still not fully understood by those who are developing pharmaceuticals to combat the condition. According […]

Building A Healthy Brain – Brain Plasticity, Synaptic Density and Cognitive Resilience

As interest grows and funding increases for brain science research, it is sometimes hard to make sense of it all. I thought it would be useful to do a very brief overview of three basic concepts in neuroscience which underlie the field of brain research.

Living with dementia: Life story work proves successful

The article speaks about work being done by doctors and researchers in the illness of dementia. This article centers on the practice of life story work. Life story work involves working with those suffering with dementia to record their past and present lives, along with their thoughts and aspirations for the future. According to the […]

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Dementia Healthcare Must Adapt to Tackle Global Dementia Crisis

Dementia is a healthcare crisis on the rise. Millions of people with dementia do not have access to necessary treatments. Millions more have yet to be diagnosed, and the condition is thought to be on the rise. Traditionally, medical specialists handle the care of dementia patients. Medical specialists are an impediment to progress, however, due […]

Aging Well

We all want to age well – like a fine wine we imagine ourselves improving with age … well at least I do. But sometimes it is hard to get a handle on what that means and how you measure it?

Living With the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Nearly forty-million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and the effects of the disease on the patients and their caregivers varies from case to case. However, with recent advances in medicine, doctors are now able to test, at the request of the patient, an individual’s personal risk for developing Alzheimer’s. The results could weigh heavily […]

Western Diet Increases Alzheimer’s Risk

Alzheimer’s disease, a traumatizing disease that destroys the neuro systems associated with memory. Devastating to the loved ones around the victim of this vicious disease. Recent studies are showing that one’s diet can be a major contributing factor to their risk of having Alzheimer’s in the future. The study claims that a western diet from […]

Lower Your Dementia Risk – Fit Minds Expert Interview with Dr. Paul Nussbaum

It is important to lower your risk of dementia as you enter old age. A lot of the best ways of going about doing this is to change your habits and implement new strategies. You want to keep your brain active and give it the nutrients it needs. Fruits and vitamin K are really helpful […]