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High Salt Diet Increases Risk of Alzheimer’s

Modern diets are heavy in salt content. As we increasingly turn to pre-processed foods, both on the grocery store shelves as well as from restaurants keen to see customers return, the flavor and preservative properties of salt see it liberally applied to nearly every food we purchase and consume. Most Americans consume considerably more salt […]

10 Lifesaving Location Devices for Dementia Patients

Diseases of cognitive decline, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, affect a patient’s memory in frightening ways. At the core of cognitive disorders is an inability to not just form new memories, but lose already existing ones. When this begins to happen, the patient can not only become disoriented; but lose the ability to function on […]

New Brain Cells Continue to Form Even as You Age

Convention medical wisdom has long maintained that neural cells, the brain, grown and regenerate only during the growth phase of the young. New research contradicts that however, showing that even in older adults their brains continue to grow and thrive on a cellular level well past their youth. Even accomplished neurologists have thought, some still […]

How Do Antioxidants Lend Themselves to Brain Health?

While it might sound like a marketing term, or some new age food additive, antioxidants are a natural substance found in many foods. And they’re an important part of a healthy diet, stretching back to the earliest days of human food practices. An antioxidant is a substance that helps prevent cell decay within the body; […]

What is the Caregiver Burden?

Simply put, caregiver burden is an all-encompassing term used to describe the physical, emotional, and financial toll of providing care for a loved one. The causes of caregiver burden are complex and result from the intellectual, social, financial, and spiritual challenges caregivers face.

Can The Healthy Brain Offer Clues to Curing Alzheimer’s?

As Alzheimer’s Disease becomes more prevelant, as more people know someone who has been diagnosed and is now suffering from it, one question rises higher and higher in the conversation. Is there a cure yet? When something is abstract, it’s hard to understand; but when a loved one begins losing their independence as their ability […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Chances of Getting Alzheimer’s

None of us want to end up with Alzheimer’s.  There are a few things we can do to lower our risk now to help reduce the risk of a diagnosis later.  You can retain a shaper and healthy brain by following these 5 tips: The first one being a Mediterranean diet. Stating that eating healthy […]

Eight Strategies for Dealing with Sundowning

As a caregiver, you may notice a pattern of increased agitation or impairment in the late afternoon or evening when natural light begins to fade. Your mom or dad may seem more upset or distressed at this time of day.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol May Increase Dementia Risk

Science now links drinking alcohol with developing dementia in your life. Contradictoraly, drinking alcohol has been linked to increased cardiovascular health. In between these two conditions is a lot of ambiguous information about how alcohol use contributes to health. Early onset dementia is strongly associated with alcohol use disorders, correlated with a three times increased […]

Changes in the Eye Connected to a Decline in Memory

Scientists have found a new link between the changes in blood vessels in the eye and people’s ability to recall memories as well as their overall language skills. This was a study that was performed over a prolonged, 20 year period and was recently published in the scientific journal, Neurology. These scientists employed the help […]