Dementia is an illness that affects many families across the globe, both with the sickness of the love one and for the stress and strain it places on the care givers research shows. The research highlighted suggests that the knowledge gap for the care givers and their broader knowledge of the issue at hand is lacking. The goal of the UK is to create an inclusive educational package. The knowledge gap is not just limited to the care givers but is exacerbated by the fragmented healthcare professional support that could leave any novice overwhelmed and increase the burden of caring for their loved ones. Outside of the knowledge gap experienced by caregivers, the researchers in this study provided a few helpful tips in order to ease some of these pains. One such example was the care giver to keep a diary of which monitors patient behavior and behavior triggers. This in most cases empowered the caregivers and assisted in the communication gap between the caregiver and the numerous healthcare professionals. The UK currently has 800,000 dementia patients cared for by roughly 670,000 caregivers. These numbers increase as you look to the future, with the study estimating that 100 million people will suffer from this disease by 2050 worldwide.

Key Points:

  • 1Informal caregivers of people with dementia could provide useful insights to healthcare professionals.
  • 2Informal caregivers of people with dementia often have increased levels of depression and stress.
  • 3Lack of knowledge of how it is to live with dementia makes it difficult for healthcare professionals to provide support for caregivers.

Dementia – which includes conditions such as Alzheimer’s – is a progressive degenerative neurological disease with no known cure.

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