Early detection of Alzheimer’s is easier with a new test that has been confirmed by scientific studies. The Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination allows individuals to test themselves for possible Alzheimer’s at home, using nothing more than a pen and paper. If the test indicates there could be a possible diagnosis, patients can take the test results to a doctor or other medical professional for further evaluation.

The SAGE test measures cognition, a key factor in confirming an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Developed and evaluated over multiple years, the test has been given refined and confirmed by a study that included one thousand participants. Their scores were evaluated against known diagnoses, and researchers are confident the test will be a very important factor in increasing the number of patients who can have their Alzheimer’s detected earlier. This will be vital because early detection can be key in managing and slowing the progression of the disease.

Since the test is self-administered, it will reduce both cost and possible embarrassment. Those who suspect or fear they might have Alzheimer’s can answer the question with great confidence without having to expose themselves to others while doing so. Only after they have their self-scored results would they need to deal with a doctor.

Key Points:

  • 1SAGE is an early way to test yourself or loved ones for Alzheimer’s.
  • 2Early detection of Alzheimer”s can make treatment more effective and quicker.
  • 3The SAGE test is shown to be reliable in over 1000 people tested.

The most recent study looked at SAGE and its effectiveness in a community setting, and determined that it is an efficient and reliable way to detect Alzheimer’s issues in a large group setting.


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