Specific Ways to Improve Your Memory

Being able to remember things depends on your overall health and how well you can maintain mental focus. A recent Mayo Clinic study found that a group of healthy 65 or older adults can improve the speed and accuracy in their overall brain processing. So there is hope for those of us who are aging! Cognitive skills can be improved even as we age! Repetition helps us to remember things. If you want to remember for instance a name repeat that name right after it is told to you and then twice more in the conversation. Ever notice you got home from work but you can’t remember the drive. That is because it has become a habit and your brain is no longer stimulated by the often repeated activity. Creating new experiences helps our brains stay active.

Key Points:

  • 1Make changes in your daily routine.
  • 2Join an interest group.
  • 3Teaching others stimulates your own brain.

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