Stabilizing TREM2 – A Potential Strategy to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers have made progress in diagnosing how Alzheimer’s occurs. Something called TREM2 is an antibody that prevents the brain cells from cleavage. Premature cleavage being when a brain cell separates the antibody TREM2 too soon, and it cannot perform it’s preventive function. So, Alzheimer’s is propagated.

To get the TREM2 to not separate ( Cleave ) before it performs this function, it is required to suppress the Amino Acid 157, also known as pH 157y.

The research regarding this breakthrough are from three groups. 2 of the groups were related to the function of TREM2, a third had isolated Amino Acid 157( pH 157 y )

This very high level stuff, but, what it really means is that two research group have isolated what functions in the brain are not maintained, so that the patient develops Alzheimer’s. And that they have narrowed down what needs to be changed by a future research, that develops this antibody. Thus leading to a prevention of Alzheimer’s.

Of note, it does not appear that this research will cure someone who already has the damage. Rather, it is a key to preventing it from happening, or by halting the progress of further damage.

So if they get to the next step of making TREM2 cleave in the proper manner, then Alzheimer could be a disease that future generations will not have to worry about.

Key Points:

  • 1TREM2 is a gene that is known to be associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • 2Scientists may have pinpointed the problematic mutation that causes neural deterioration.
  • 3Because the mutation perturbs the normal function of TREM2–protein synthesis–stabilizing it may be a viable therapeutic strategy.

researchers from China had uncovered that a mutation at this exact position, referred to as p.H157Y

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