Study Examines Existing Tests That May Be Helpful in Assessing Safety of Drivers with Dementia

Driving with Dementia is dangerous. Dementia is a universal condition that can affect any person. People with dementia suffer from mental decline, so much so, that it affects their daily life. How to determine if it is time to stop an older individual with dementia from driving is the question. We need objective tests to determine this. Every individual with dementia presents in similar, yet different ways. Driving individuals with dementia are between two and eight percent more likely to be involved in a vehicular incident than those of their non-dementia counterparts. Studies and tests are being developed and studied to help professionals and family members use these tools to determine at what point an individual with dementia should hang up the car keys for good.

Key Points:

  • 1When should a person with dementia stop driving.
  • 2Those with dementia will have to eventually have to stop driving it’s just a matter of deciding when.
  • 3Current methods of deciding when people with dementia should stop driving are only 77% effective.

People with dementia are between two and eight times more likely than adults of the same age without dementia to be involved in car accidents.

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