In this article it opens up talking about a person by the name of Reece Dean, of Nashville’s community who was a truck driver but his wife Mary Ann, started to notice some changes in her husbands memory and even with a very grueling working truck schedule, something was just off about him such as him having a hard time recalling events or pronouncing words and it’s a slow progression with her husband. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is talked about in the article being one of the 29 sites trying to determine whether a daily transfer of transdermal nicotine patch will make a difference and produce results in people dealing with the early memory impairment for older adults diagnosed with the disease known as MCI or Mild Cognitive Impairment and that overtime people would see improvements within themselves from a disease like this that affects a lot of people. The study that is taking place is looking for about 300 people who are healthy and don’t have a history smoking to see if they have symptoms of MCI or early memory loss problems and for those who qualify will be provided a patch that will be implemented throughout this study daily.

Key Points:

  • 129 sites are part-taking in a study to see if nicotine patches can help with attention.
  • 2Results have been positive showing that nicotine can help with early cognitive impairment.
  • 3Based on the positive results in the first test larger studies are likely to occur.

Recent evidence shows that adults with MCI are at a higher risk for subsequently developing Alzheimer’s disease.


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