Study strengthens evidence that cognitive activity can reduce dementia risk

Study strengthens evidence that cognitive activity can reduce dementia risk

The article speaks about how a group of researchers are challenging the notion that cognitive activities, especially later in life, help reduce the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The researches performed a comparative analysis of several studies on the topic and echoed both skepticism and optimism at the same time. While researchers in the group were optimistic and believed that the research did show a positive impact of cognitive activities, more studies need to be done that investigate more specific measures. Without these specific measures, the researchers have stated that it is difficult to properly validate findings and assertions from previous studies. While no specific advise was given to readers about which activities to engage in to lower chances of the disease, they did advocate finding stimulating activities of interest to exercise the mind.

Key Points:

  • 1Various cognitive ways can help reduce alzheimers
  • 2Harvard conducted a study to research ways to treat alzheimers
  • 3The group also investigated the possible role of reverse causation

Since any observational studies are likely to be confounded by unmeasured factors – such as participants’ socioeconomic level or the presence of conditions like depression – the researchers also conducted a bias analysis designed to evaluate how much such factors might influence reported associations between the amount of cognitive activity and dementia risk.

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