Subjective Memory May Be Marker for Cognitive Decline

The Center for Vital Longevity (CVL) is doing research that suggests that participants who complain about poor subjective memory, especially in the elderly could be an early detection method for Alzheimer’s disease. Subjective memory is the opinion of how good the persons memory is and if it is slipping or getting worse through age. These participants are able to self-evaluate and report memory issues that are subtle and not detected by memory testing typically used when evaluating currently. The study did screen out depressed individuals and measured for risk factors like higher levels of beta-amyloid, to compare if subjective memory alone would correlate with their actual memory abilities.

This study has shown that a person’s own assessment of their memory was a very reliable predictor of how they would perform during the testing provided, especially true for those with genetic risks.

The research also showed men who had genetic risk factors also reported more subjective memory concerns during the study. This is the first study where sex-specific relationships with Alzheimer’s has been shown. The findings of this study, that a patient’s own awareness of memory loss was the strongest with participants who also had known risk factors is interesting.   These participants will continued to be followed to further the research.

Key Points:

  • 1Subjective memory is the person’s assesment of the functioning of his or her own memory.
  • 2Subjective memory can be use to evaluate the cognitive performance of an individual.
  • 3Detecting changes in memory performance may be an indication of Alzheimer’s disease.

Subjective memory is a person’s unscientific self-evaluation of how good his or her memory is, and whether, in that person’s opinion, there has been any worsening of memory through age.

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