When spring comes, it brings with it pollen and other seasonal allergens. All those plants waking up from the dormant winter are opening up their leaves and spreading their pollen to the winds, causing your eyes and nose to start swelling shut. Fortunately for most allergy sufferers, the worst of the symptoms tend to be a runny nose, some itchiness, maybe headaches. But for some, the return of pollen can also cause vertigo.

It’s not a very likely symptom, but it does happen. When you experience vertigo, it leaves you feeling like everything is spinning around you. It’s dizzy and disorienting, and vertigo from allergies is often complicated by all the usual allergic reactions you’ll also be experiencing. When it happens, it can really shut your whole life down. Trying to navigate work or home with tissues and eye drops is one thing, but when you can’t stand up, or even sit up, straight that makes everything harder. And dangerous.

If you have severe allergic reactions, the best defense is to limit your exposure to allergens. Stay indoors when you can, and if you go out use a mask to avoid breathing the pollen that will cause your body’s immune system to go into overdrive. And, especially if everything spins when you breathe pollen, consult your doctor.

Key Points:

  • 1Most people do not realize that vertigo is caused by their allergies.
  • 2There are several ways to reduce your reaction to allergens including showering after being outside and wearing glasses instead of contacts.
  • 3Vertigo may be caused by your sinuses being filled with fluids which can cause an imbalance in the fluids in your inner ear.

I can’t stress enough the importance of taking your allergy symptoms seriously the first time you notice them


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