Physical Fitness In A Pandemic: Extended Reality Sports

The pandemic has impacted every part of our lives, including our ability to get sufficient exercise. Gyms have mostly been shuttered in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, and in-person sports have also been suspended in many cases out of concern for the close proximity of the players. Home exercise equipment sales have […]

How Clinical Trials Work – And What It Means For COVID-19

Will we ever have a cure for the novel coronavirus? That is on the minds of most people around the world right now, ranging from individuals wondering whether it will ever be safe for them to go back to work to business owners wondering how to reopen safely to government officials working tirelessly to stop […]

How Sleep Affects Health

Sleeplessness affects multiple aspects of our lives. It can make us sick, cause mental health distress, and more. It’s important to get enough sleep every night for a multitude of reasons, but especially right now that is easier said than done. People are reporting strange, vivid dreams and nightmares, which are likely to be a […]