Seed Cycling for Hormone Health

Seed cycling is an all-natural eating cycle that promotes menstrual health, hormone production and reduces symptoms commonly associated with periods and menstrual disorders. Not only can it help with your cycle, but it can also improve your mental health and day to day life, making it a great practice to implement into your life if […]

25 Foods That Help You Sleep

When it comes to sleep, food is essential. With busy schedules piling up our days, it’s becoming harder to cool down our minds for a good night’s rest when it’s time to hit the hay. During the time when we start to unwind, it’s only natural to get a little hungry. Millions of people debate […]

15 Podcasts to Listen to For Better Sleep

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night?  If so, you’re not alone. According to Consumer Reports, 164 million Americans struggle with sleep at least once a week. Whether you’re having trouble hitting “pause” on your busy thoughts to rest or you just can’t seem to settle into a comfortable position, falling asleep (and […]

6 Tips on Managing Distractions While Driving if You Have ADHD

Distracted driving, although common in the United States, is frowned upon, but there are people who just can’t help it. Drivers with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are constantly at the disadvantage throughout their motoring lives. Their condition renders them impatient and restless by nature, making it more difficult to develop the ideal qualities expected […]

Getting Started with an Online Safety Strategy for Your Kids

Nowadays, children of all ages are present on the Internet, watching videos or other content, sharing data and communicating on a daily basis. While this has become a regular part of everyday life, what additionally needs to be boosted is their awareness of the potential dangers, and the best ways to avoid them. As many […]

Car Seat Safety When Warm Is Dangerous

Safety experts now recommend that kids should not be bundled up in coats while riding in a car seat. That’s because the material of a puffy jacket compresses during the impact of a crash, rendering the harness straps too loose to be effective. However, if your child is not wearing a warm coat and you’re […]

Facts on Sleep That Everyone Should Know

When it comes to reading facts and stats on something, a thing as mundane as sleep doesn’t always come to mind. However, there are certain things about sleep that we don’t know, but might benefit from if we did. Well, below you can find a well-researched infographic with an array of stats and facts on […]

Anatomy of Back Pain

Back pain is the leading cause of disability in adults worldwide, but how can it be prevented? Bad posture, stress, obesity, and muscle strain can all lead to back pain, and injuries can become serious problems when they aren’t properly treated in a timely manner. Most people aren’t sitting in an ergonomic position at work […]

Are These Globally Banned Ingredients In Your Pantry?

Do you ever find yourself staring in bewilderment at the nutrition label of your dinner? Even foods that we consider “healthy” can sometimes contain harmful chemicals. That’s because when it comes to food ingredients, the United States lets a lot of things slide. Many countries have banned toxic ingredients that Americans are still regularly eating. […]

All About Green Tea

Green tea is a non-oxidised tea, and contains more catechins and antioxidants, than black tea or oolong tea. Since ancient times, green tea has been considered by the traditional Chinese medicine as a healthful drink. Recent investigations show that green tea reduces the danger of cardiovascular ailment and some types of cancer. Also it maintains […]